Patti Smith

Another recent (hugely enjoyable, and entirely digital) commission, the legendary Patti Smith.

Heath Ledger as The Joker

A commission. Practicing my all-digital stuff, think this is the best one so far.


Edgar Allan Poe & a Murder of Crows

A companion piece to my 'Lovecraft & Friends', and another one I'm doing as a limited edition print. Only making 20 - leave a comment below if you're interested.


Lovecraft & Friends

Probably one of my favourite things I've ever done. Seems a bit rude to bung it up on the old blog. So here he is.

I'm doing a short print run of these - A3 size on 220gsm gloss paper, only 20 available. Leave a comment or email me if you're interested.



Finally watched The Hobbit tonight, and unfortunately, for me it failed to recapture the magic of the first Rings film. I won't go into detail, but I can't see me revisiting it over and over again the way I did (and sometimes still do) with the first trilogy (especially 'Fellowship'). Anyway, Gandalf is still hands down the Best Wizard Ever, and it occurred to me last night that I'd never drawn him.

This is a quick pencil sketch with an equally quick colour test done in Photoshop. Will work it up into a finished piece when I get the chance.


The Dark Knight

Another collaboration with the mighty Dave Hitchcock. He was commissioned to draw this wonderfully moody piece and after I commented on Facebook he asked if I fancied colouring it. There was absolutely zero chance of me saying no, so here it is.

With Dave's work, because the linework is so lovingly rendered, a lot of the tonal stuff is already taken care of, so as a colourist I have to bring something else to it. The important things are the colour choices and the textures rather than any real rendering.


Han Solo

Despite being burnt 3 times in a row (along with the rest of the world) after the prequel trilogy, I find myself ridiculously excited at the news that not just 1 or even 3 new Star Wars movies are in the works - but 6! As well as episodes 7-9 we appear to be getting 3 stand-alone movies focusing on Yoda, Han & Boba Fett in turn.

Come on Disney/J.J. Abrams/Lawrence Kasdan and (with a bit of luck) Anthony Ingruber - don't let us down.

The lantern jaw of The Law

Haven't drawn Dredd for what seems like an age, so it was time for another portrait of the monolithic man. For this one I started with a photo of the great Clint Eastwood (John Wagner's original inspiration for the character), then decided to draw him in the uniform from the recent balls-to-the-wall movie. Quite pleased with the result - especially like how the eagle pad turned out (love how the costume designers simplified it).

Pentel brush pen and Photoshop.


Where the magic happens (or not, as the case may sometimes be)

 I'm hard at work on the first five pages of 'Gentlemen Ghouls', but thought I'd take a bit of time out to show a few pictures of my workspace. We were fortunate enough to be able to buy our first house last year, and although it's got it's fair share of problems, I love it. Not least because of the space! For the first time in my life I've got a dedicated studio, and here it is:

My beautiful mac and my trusty old laptop (watching Suspiria as I work). You'll notice the signed Vampire Vixens print from the fantastic Alex Ronald, and next to that the latest addition to my walls - a beautifully drawn Hellboy by Neil McClements.

 To the right of my desk I store a load of battered old books which are handy for visual reference - everything from Folklore, World Wars, Vikings, Egyptology to Star Wars. To the right of that a bunch of novels, plus a truly masterful original drawing of Solomon Kane by American artist Patric Reynolds (Abe Sapien, Let Me In, Dark Horse Presents), a cracking drawing of Mola Ram from 'Temple of Doom' by the awesome Graeme Neil Reid (I also have a 'Toht', both awaiting framing) and a signed print by Glenn Fabry.

My drawing desk and my shabby old anglepoise lamp and a couple of Andrew Loomis books I've just acquired (absolutely essential reference material - they've recently been reissued, check Amazon). Another stunning bit of artwork from Alex Ronald above it to inspire me (this one an original ink drawing).

Assorted useless bric-a-brac to keep me inspired, including a mandolin that's in desperate need of a clean-up and re-string, a couple of dinosaurs, the Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars & Jedi production portfolios and a framed Mogwai setlist from 1997 (or maybe '98). Below, taped to my art cupboard are a load of recent comic covers I printed out by the likes of Mignola, Dave Johnson and Jock, just to keep me on my toes ;)

Above left - my comics and graphic novels. Up top are a few of my model soldiers, a broken TIE interceptor and X-Wing fighter, and on the far right a saloon my dad made for me when I was about 5 or 6. Used to play with that for hours.

Above right - a closer look at Neil McClements stunning Hellboy pic. Must colour that one at some point.


Gentlemen Ghouls

Something ghastly stalks Highgate Cemetery...

First rough sketch for a new comic project. It's been far too long since I drew an actual strip, so this weekend I sat down and thumbnailed the first 5 pages of my new project with writer Martin Hayes.

Yep, Hammer Horror is a BIG influence on this one.


Keep the slime from our shore!

Well the New Year has got off to a positive start already, with my first bit of work for Markosia. I've been swapping emails with writer Martin Hayes for a while now, and we've got one or two ideas for possible collaborations, then he approached me to contribute a pin-up for a graphic novel he's got coming out next month called 'Project Luna: 1947'. He asked if I could model it on one of those vintage propaganda posters - specifically this one:

So the top image is what I came up with. The alien was designed by the GN's artist Jim Boswell, I just tried to make him look more disgusting (as is my wont). Really enjoyed this one, the most fun I've had on a piece for a while.