Bucket of Blood preview 2

A selection of panels from page 4 of my strip for 'Back From The Depths'.

The original thumbnails provided by one of the writers stipulated 12 panels for this page, which I thought was going to be a bit of a stretch. In the end I went and added a few - which brings the final total to 16!

I've only got myself to blame...


  1. "Bucket Of Blood," now that's a real reel of film, really.

  2. Nice to see some sequential stuff, Not sure the first panel works for me If the hands coming out the panel that would make it further out than the shoulder if you see what I mean, really like the colours and the pencil lines in the last panel.Sorry to be picky but I hope it helps

  3. Great stuff.

    Personally I think the hand works as it is (although I agree you have to be careful when breaking elements out of the edge of the panel), although I'm unsure I could make my fingers do that in real life.

    The colouring and linework is all good and I especially like the rocks and water in the 4th panel and the building in the 3rd one, which gives that period feel (like those older pieces of pottery which occasionally show up on Antiques Roadshow). It might be a minor feature but I like the rougher panel borders.

    I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. 16 panels?! Good work in keeping your sanity when planning that layout! Great expressions in the last two panels too. You can never have enough floating lettering either :)

  5. Thanks guys, all taken on board. It occurred to me when trying to pick something from this strip to post that I'm not really happy with any of it, but it's been the first strip I've done since returning to full time work, so I have to get used to it. Hope to improve the actual drawing for the next one (another Strontium Dog). Currently experimenting with a cheap wacom, and also adobe illustrator for the first time, so we'll see where that goes