Few men know what it is to dedicate their life to a single task

A panel from 'A Pleasing Symmetry'. Tones to be added, plus I'll be marking some locations on the map and adding place names. Who needs sleep, right?

I should add this my first 'montage' by the way.

And the finished version (possibly).

Only I've just noticed several small errors, mere minutes after posting it. Isn't that always the way?


The Wraith

I'm still beavering away on the strip for 'Something Wicked', and can't show a lot. However it's 1.30 am and I've just sketched this, which I'm quite pleased with.


More Victorian folk

Working on some of the previous sketches, I've enlarged them and cropped them in order to give more facial detail


Another commission

This time of the lovely and slightly odd Kate Bush. It's intended to be used as the front cover for a downloadable book about her.


Some Victorian folk

The strip I'm working on for Zarjaz has been pushed back until next year, so I've put that on hold and switched to another strip I'm producing for the next issue of another FQP title - Something Wicked. This is their annual horror anthology, and the strip in question is set in that most excellent of eras: The Victorian.

I originally wrote the story in prose form for a short story competition, then became interested in adapting it for comics. I hit a dead end however, and in the end brought my good buddy Matthew McLaughlin onboard to help me adapt it. He's sort of made it his own, in a brilliant way of course - whilst retaining the essnece of the original tale. Without giving too much away I can reveal that it's entitled 'A Pleasing Symmetry', and should be published this Autumn (in time for BICS).

Anyways, these are some concept sketches for it.


Cowboy doodle

A very quick one, looking at pushing the boundaries in terms of moustaches.


Venger coloured

This has been bought by Matthew McLaughlin, for his daughter (with whom he recently enjoyed the boxset of the original cartoon!), and I wanted to do a coloured version I can send along electonically as well. Hope it ain't too scary!


Don't go near the ice

Matthew McLaughlin - talented scribe and all-round bloomin' great guy - asked me to produce a scene from his wonderfully chilling short story 'The Stars Were Bright Over Siberia', which can be read here: http://www.alienskinmag.com/flash18.htm

And this is what I came up with. Really enjoyed this, got well into a bit of digital painting this afternoon. Most pleased with the night sky, but not sure if the original darkened pencil lines fight against the overall image a little. Still, mostly pleased with this.

Use your plus one broadsword!

After reading about the forthcoming D&D comic line over on the 2000AD forum, I got all nostalgic about my own role-playing days and the fondly remembered cartoon from the eighties. So here's my attempt at Venger, the mono-horned villain.

Fire, walk with me

Agent Chester Desmond, inked and ready for duty.


Tonight's pencil sketches

Agent Chester Desmond and another Zombie Bub, which I might give away to a friend who's a huge fan (of Bub, not me).