New Zarjaz preview - update

The inked and toned first panel for my upcoming strip for Zarjaz - still don't want to give away what it's all about yet, terrible tease that I am. Not quite finished yet, this panel - will add some highlights here and there.


  1. Matt, if this is the strip with Emperor's worm-man it looks to be fantastic. I can only guess what's going on here - is the fellow in the f.g. about to be offed? Can't wait to see more!

  2. The guy on the left is a cross between the Nazi whose face melted in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the psycho ninja-kid in the sensible jumper from Sin City.

    ...All of which is a rambled compliment on your work, Matt! Great stuff. I get the feeling you're pushing your style on every sample you put up. Well done!

  3. Ooooo looking good. I think it is a good move to keep the chap in the foreground's hair as light as possible - it'll really help differentiate the two characters, handy when some fool writer gives you a script that involves to overweight middle-aged guys getting in well over their heads ;)

    I had another lightbulb moment over what your work reminded me of: Arthur Rackham - there are stylised elements as well as areas that give a great sense of energy. The parallels are strongest with the Norns on that page but have a look at his grass effects on the Pete Pan in Kensington picture and the Twa Corbies next to it. See also his Rip Van Winkle and Wagner illustrations.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Emps - I'm a huge fan of Rackham, and very flattered that my stuff reminds you of him. Always been bowled over by his gnarly tress in particular, but I'll have a closer look at how he renders grass and stuff now. And yeah - keeping his hair lighter is a good tip, thanks.

  5. I'm not sure you need to study it, you've nailed it!! And then made it your own.

    Glad to hear you are a fan of Rackham's and it isn't my projecting onto other people or reading too much into everything.