Jesse Custer

I was recently contacted by one Ryan Ballard to take part in this. It's a wonderful and totally generous project, and I'm honoured to be rubbing shoulders with other participants like Rufus Dayglo, Simon Fraser, Jim Mahfood and my old partner-in-crime Kev Levell.

This is a quick sketch I did last night, worked up from a sketchbook doodle. I'm trying out a few ideas, and my final contribution will probably involve either Jesse and the lovely Tulip or just Tulip on her own.

Being commissioned to take part was a great excuse to re-read the comic (it's been at least ten years), so I picked up the first hardback collection and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Now I'll have to buy the entire series! (damn).



Winter is Coming

'Joffrey is a strong-willed child and has a vicious temper and an unchecked sadistic streak'.

Robb Stark - 'called "The Young Wolf" by many of his followers and foes alike, he shared his father's devotion to honour'.


You win or you die

The best show on tv since bee-ess-gee. Might do a series of these; first up: Jon 'The Bastard' Snow and Sansa Stark.

Loose chips sink ships*

Latest one for The Weekly Themed Art Blog - this week's theme is Norts vs Southers, and as any loyal squaxx will tell you, this relates to the devastating future war on Nu-earth as seen in the 'Rogue Trooper' strip. I decided to do a vintage recruitment poster, in the style of those grand old WWI propaganda posters.

It's actually an homage to/direct rip-off of this:
If I get time I'll keep working on it - the colours are very basic at the moment, and I'd like to include a similar background too.

 *with a big thank you for to Johnny Mc for that title


Dragon Tattoo

Bit of a departure, but you've got to experiment haven't you?


First attempt - after being challenged by Neil Roche - at Slaine undergoing the legendary warp spasm. Quite like it, but there's one problem: he's nowhere near warped enough. Back to the drawing board!

 Another sketch - Roth Bellyshaker.