And again...

A slightly more interesting pose, and an even redder nose.

The Arch Wizard

This rather well known figure from British mythology has just made his first appearance over at http://fractalfriction.blogspot.com/ as you've never seen before. He was designed by Kev Levell, and what a wonderful design it is too. This is my take on him, with a heavy debt to one of Kev's unused sketches. I'm preparing for my next page, and have a couple more sketches to post in the next couple of days. Check out Kev's fantastic blog here: http://kevlev.blogspot.com/


Judge Anderson

My reference for this was actually another photo of Christina Hendricks, but I must have accidentally clicked on the Billy Piper filter function in photoshop. Ah well.
Then a funky variant, after messing about with the texture layer. Quite like the way this looks, even though in terms of the colour scheme it makes no sense. Gives a completely different feel.



Been a bit quiet lately, so here's a pic based on a photo of Brezhnev. Just thought he had a very drawable mug. Not sure if i've captured it like. BTW - I'm not a commie.


Fractal Friction page 20

The latest page is up here: http://fractalfriction.blogspot.com/2010/05/page-20.html 
featuring some ace lineart from the legendary Bolt-01, coloured by myself and lettered by the amiable Jim Campbell. I stumbled across this while taking out various layers to see how the page looked, and rather liked it, so I thought I'd throw it up here as a curiosity.