Rather chuffed with this one - managed to get some really nice thick brush strokes with the pen this time.

More inky portraits

More of my 10 minute pencil portriats printed out and inked nice and loose with my pentel brush pen. Really getting into these, can knock out 4-5 in an hour whilst watching Battlestar Galactica, so that's good!

These ones are Madame Blavatsky, Joseph Merrick, Lon Chaney Sr and Nikola Tesla.

Icarus Dangerous

Part of the cover art for Paragon issue 10.


Corporal Starkweather

About six weeks back I posted this. That has now evolved into the above, which I think is pretty much there now.


More Jikan pics

Did these in preparation for my forthcoming cover for PARAGON #10, which will feature a montage of 5 characters - Jikan himself, Battle Ganesh (who doesn't actually feature in the issue but I really wanted to draw), Mekko-Sapiens, Icarus and Spencer Nero.

The cover work is nearly all drawn - just got Icarus to do, then I'll be colouring it too.

The third pic relates to the pin-up I posted the other day - tried a few different heads with different expressions and hair to see which worked best (went with the first one in the end - isn't that always the way?)


And a few more

Charles Darwin, Betty Page, James Ellroy and Louise Brooks.The original pencil drawings can be viewed here.


Warm up sketches

Printed off some of my 10 minute pencil portraits earlier today in blueline - turned out to be a great way to warm up for an inking session.

They are: Aldous Huxley, Anna Karina, David Lynch, Egon Schiele, Edgar Allan Poe and Erich Ludendorff.

If you want to see the original pencil versions, have a look at my other blog - I'm posting one a day for a whole year.

Jikan pin-up art

Pin-up for the next collected edition of Jikan from PARAGON. Enjoyed this hugely. 


Myrna Loy (unfinished portrait)

Another A3 pencil portrait copied from a photograph, of the actress Myrna Loy (getting some more practice in drawing 1930s/40s glamour pusses in preparation for 'Last Road to the Backwoods'). I say unfinished but I think I'll leave it as it is now.


SIX endpiece

Last year I illustrated Ryan Henry's superbly disturbing zombie horror novel 'Six'. Towards the end of that process, as well as doing the front cover, he requested one final illustration, which was this.

It was a hugely enjoyable project and I learnt a lot, so I was delighted when he contacted me again and asked for a couple more for his next project - a novella called 'Two' which features - you guessed it - two more survivors in a 'sidequel' of sorts.

I'm currently finishing up these new illos and will hopefully be able to blog the results soon.

You can download 'Six' for absolutely bugger all here.

Bela Lugosi as Dracula!

This one is on A3 so I had to photograph it rather than scan it.

Carpathian Vampire Elder

Started this last Autumn after reading Kim Newman's excellent Anno Dracula. He's one of Vlad Tepes' elite guard - wearing the canines of fallen rivals on a string around his neck to prove it. If there's any justice the book will be adapted into a multi-million dollar HBO miniseries - it totally deserves to be.


Cthulhu-Kraken awakes!

One from last year that I never got round to blogging. Not entirely happy with it, think of it as a colour rough/experiment that went slightly squiffy.