You really wanna save those crazy swedes, huh Doc?

My all time favourite movie hero (largely due to the hat), Mr R.J. MacReady.

I've now traded this sketch for a fantastic pic of Toht from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', by trhe thoroughly charming Graeme Neil Reid.


  1. They're norwegians, Matt. Not Swedes, ha ha. Oh yeah! Favorite movie ever! Nice work and this and the Bennings sketch. Any other moives characters on the way?

  2. You are On Fire this weekend!! Probably my favourite film too and you've got the likeness perfectly.

  3. Thanks guys! Rreally should be cracking on with some sequential stuff (and I will, promise!), but these are so much fun.

    What next? Well I was thinking of tackling Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, plus maybe Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. And maybe an Admiral Ackbar. Or Lo Pan form Big Trouble in Little China. Gah! Too many to choose from!

  4. Wierd, I wrote up a comment for this and thought I had posted it but it doesnt seem to have appeared....its funny because I had actually suggested you take on Big Trouble in Little China next!! Though I'd rather see your version of Jack Burton!

    Oh, and this picture is awesome by the way!

  5. Pyramid Head!! The character just shouldn't work, and yet it does.

    Although then again BTiLC....