Art swap

Me and a few of my artist buddies are exchanging original sketches, to spread the love and all that. James Corcoran has produced a fantastic portrait of Edgar Allen Poe for me (see it here: http://james-corcoran.blogspot.com/2010/06/art-swap.html ). In return, he requested a cosmonaut from me.
I initially did some very rough pencils for this, then decided to tighten them up much more than I usually do, The final piece was inked with my pentel brush pen, which forces me to draw more slowly and controlled. The end result is a lot tighter than a lot of my usual stuff, but I enjoyed the process and it's fun to mix it up now and again.

Chris Askham asked for 'something Lovecraftian', and this was what I came up with:
I bloody Love Lovecraft. I could draw this sort of stuff all day, every day.

I'd like to colour these too, so watch this space for those.


  1. Look forward to seeing them coloured up could you colour Poe too?

  2. Top work as usual - love the planet in the background and the way you crop of the acolytes head (just a little too high for comfort though ;) ).

    That's a brilliant Poe too James, you got him spot on.

  3. Thanks Emps. Was planning on colouring mine, and yeah, would love to take a crack at colouring Poe too.