More Starscape WIP

Thought I'd throw this up and see what people thought/what suggestions people have. I intend to darken it up a lot more, and enhance the smoke effect.


  1. Nice layout, like the light beams, maybe darken the cave walls is all I would add, bear in mind i know nothing of this world of colour.

  2. All nicely claustrophobic and menacing - I'm looking forward to seeing everything together with the story (its the other Matt's one still isn't it?).

    I really like what you've done there with the light. One thing that struck me though, was that the torch held be the front figure and pointing towards us wouldn't illuminate the second figure, the reason you see the beam of light is that it reflects off other things and in this case that'd be dust in the air and that cloud in particular (which itself might then cast a softer light out at the setting), which would tend to obscure the figure (as the beam looks more solid and opaque). I could be wrong - it'd be something I'd need to ponder and play with torches but think about the torches in the X-Files, which have to be your go-to reference for strong torch beams in eerie settings - I couldn't find much but:


    And from the X-Files like Fringe (which is great):


  3. Appreciate the feedback guys. Emps - I see what you mean, you've given me something to think about there (although the second figure does have his own shoulder-mounted torch, so there are two beams that actually cross). To be honest though, I'm doing all this out of my head, and really should check out some photo reference! It's coming along anyways.

  4. If i can suggest,I would go a lot darker overall and once there work the light up. (if that makes sense?) This is the way i would go about it especially since it's in a tunnel location.

  5. Matt, the scene is staged nicely (interesting comments by Emps).

    I'll tell you, the exterminators are not how I imagined them in the story, but now that I've seen your version of them I'm quite excited by what you've come up with. I've completely thrown out how my imagination cast them and have gone with these fellows! Thanks so much for taking this on!

  6. Thanks again chaps.

    Alex - I have darkened it up considerably now, and it does look far more eerie, thanks for the tip.

    Matthew - well I'm sorry for going off the map, but also relieved that you like it! *phew*

  7. Oh no worries, Matt. Do whatever you like - I don't want to hinder your creativity. Can't wait to see more!

  8. Top tip Alex - I've seen two darker versions and it really helps with the atmosphere.