Zombie Bub

Decided to broaden the subject matter on here, so made a list yesterday of non-2000AD stuff I should draw. They're mostly movie characters, as well as some stuff that just popped into my head. So here's the first - good old Beethoven appreciating Bub from Day of The Dead.


  1. Very nice Matt, your style seems well suited to Horror.

  2. "You want me to salute that walking pile of pus?"
    Great pic Matt. Really good likeness of Bub.
    Day of the dead has to be one of my fav Zombie flicks.
    I met Cpt Rhodes himself, Joe Pilato last year, he's a cool guy.

  3. Made me watch Day of the Dead last night...

  4. I imagine this was a difficult one to explain to Mrs Grimmbrother - taking time out on valentine's Day to draw a zombie.

    I'm jealous Alex, I met various mmebers of the Dead films (my 4-disc Dawn of the Dead has each disc signed by a cast member and the cover signed by Savini) but not Joe Pilato!!

  5. Thank you everyone! Glad this one went down well.

  6. Met Ken Foree too.
    Now I'm jealous, Tom Savini? wow!

    Yeah Matt how did you manage to self indulge in some zombie art on Valentine's day?

    i'd be getting "the stare" for doing something like that!

  7. Fortunately we don't really observe such frivolous commercial occasions, and she ended up going out for the day with a friend, so the way was clear! We did have a lovely day on Saturday though - I'm not totally heartless!

    Can't believe you fellas have been in the presence of Joe Pilato and Toom Savini.

  8. I promise I'm not competing with you guys, but I went on a NOTLD 30th anniversary tour (I'm from Philly, so not far from many of the locations). We went on a bus all over PA, visiting the Monroeville Mall, the Nike Missile Silo parts of Day were filmed in and then made it up to Pittsburg to walk the hills Night was shot in (the farmhouse is no longer standing). We met a bunch of the cast members from all three films and it was a blast. Tom Savini was there - his makeup school provided several makeup artists on the short films I used to make!

    Anyway, a beautiful job, Matt.

  9. Matt that is just cheating living so close ;)

    Alex, yes I met Ken Foree too.

    As I say the box is signed by Savini, who also signed my DVD of the Night of the Living Dead remake that he made.

    The Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition discs are signed, in order:

    Scott Reiniger "Roger"
    David Emge "Flyboy"
    Gaylen Ross "Fran"
    Ken Foree

    I completely messed up my timing and missed Romero :(

    The Land of the Dead slipcase is signed:

    Eugene Clark "Big Daddy"
    Pedro Miguel Arce "Pillsbury" with "Do Something" written above

    Yes, they do seem to get in the habit of including their character names too.

    Soooo it is the Day of the Dead team I'm really missing the chance to meet. Of course, Dennis Hopper signing Land of the Dead'd be nice and obviously finally tracking Romero down to sign everything is top of the list.

  10. On a side note, James Earl Jones is in Glasgow this Sunday if anybody is in the relative vicinty. He's doing at talk at the GFT at 3:30.

    Thulsa Doom hisself and er Darth Vader too.