Something different

Had an idea for a WW2 pic today (inspired by Huzzah! Noir and Jacek Zabawa's wonderful stuff) - here are the rough pencils for the central figure.

Check out Jacek's blog here: http://jacekzabawaart.blogspot.com

And if you haven't already, Huzzah Noir: http://huzzahnoir.blogspot.com

I'd love to make these appear as links, but blogger ain't letting me for some reason, but copy and paste them to find wonderful delights.


  1. Nicely done Matt like the draping on the coat.

  2. HAH! You're crazzzzy, man! Thanks for this..
    Very cool drawing Matt, like that line. I'd love to see this with some background if you plan to draw it. This chick seems to be from resistance, or am I wrong?

  3. Heh, you're right Jacek, she's definitely a resistance femme fatale! Yeah, I've got a background in mind, will hopefully get a chance to work it up this week.

  4. Nice, bags of character, conversely, I think the white backround is quite graphic and stylish!