This just in...

I'm off for Easter for three weeks now, and in this time I'm hoping to complete a new strip for Zarjaz. I don't want to say too much just yet, apart from I'm hoping to make this one my best yet. It's a sequel of sorts to a classic but short-lived 2000AD strip, with a dazzling script from the Emperor. Here's the pencils for the first panel. Right, better go and draw the other 30-odd panels!


  1. The only one with upper class twits I can think of is the Mind of Wolfie Smith.

    Nah, didn't think so.

  2. By jingo I think you've nailed the characters - he doesn't look anything like Christopher Biggins ;)

    I'm official excited - this Autumn's round of comics should be the best yet for me, although that does mean pulling my finger out and boxing off a few more scripts...

  3. I have now seen the first 4 panels from this page and it is damn fine (and still in that red "pencils" stage, I only expect it to get better through the linking and shading stages). There'll not be a sock left on a foot when this sees print.

  4. Why thank you sir. Bolt - good things come to those who wait! (hee hee!)

  5. Nice staging, tells you a lot about the inter-dynamics of the two characters' personalities!
    Great! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  6. Glad it comes across - one character has been on numerous adventures as a younger man, while the other would much rather be sat in a dusty library. Looks like mgb has nailed that one.

    I've now seen the fully inked page - everyone is going to want to check out the story just for the art alone, if you enjoy the story then that is just a bonus!!