First draft of a character for a survival horror project I'm illustrating called 'Six'. Some changes to be made yet.

Second draft. Getting there now.
Third draft - added colour.


A cockney werewolf in Bavaria

This is a quick mock-up of the kind of thing I want to do with this beastie. But enough faffing about with lycanthropes - I've got deadlines looming!

Flip 'em the bird JC

Another commission. Really enjoyed this one!

A quick lycanthrope

Because it came to light yesterday that I've never drawn one before. Think I'll ink this sucker up and add lots of blood and drool.


And a wee bit more

Now for the inks...

New commission stuff

Been commissioned for a few bits and pieces lately, which is nice as it means I can now buy a few Christmas presents.

First up, a Star Wars piece (which is A3, hence the photo - too big for my scanner)

Next a couple of portraits of folk dressed as judges - these aren't finished yet (as you can see).


Defoe harasses Zombo

For the art comp over on the 2000AD forum.

Still alive

Well November was my quietest month yet, blog-wise. I have been busy, just on stuff I can't/shouldn't show yet. So here's some stuff anyway, starting with and inked version of my Modesty Blaise sketch.


More movie folk sketches

I've been tied up with a lot of colouring work lately, which has fortunately paid off as I've just acquired a pro colouring gig with Accent UK. However, just to convince myself that I can still draw, I've done a few more movie character sketches. I intend to ink these up and hopefully sell them - drop me a line if you're interested.




The End of the Siege

This month sees the release of Sci-fi Art Now, a gorgeous hardback coffee table book edited by John Freeman and featuring the work of some real household names such as Dylan Teague, Dermot Power, Mark Harrison, John Ridgway, Neil Roberts & John Higgins to name but a few. Plus, somehow, I'm in there too!

You know how sometimes you have those sudden moments of clarity, when you take a step back and suddenly see the bigger picture? I remember as a wee boy clutching a Star Wars annual pretty much everywhere I went, with a great cover by John Higgins. Weird huh?

Cerebral Soup

In case you didn't catch it, Paragon #6 is out now, and features this gruesome pin up by yours truly on the back cover. I've tweaked the colours here a bit, but you get the gist. I'm currently working on the front cover of issue 7 too, which hopefully will be out before Christmas.



Cass - digital inks

Well this took bloody ages but as an exercise in digital inking I hope it was worthwhile. A bit wobbly in places but my eyeballs doth protest, so I'm stopping now. Of course I'll probably crack, turn it blue, print it off and ink it by hand eventually.


Cass (work-in-progress)

Inspired by Kev Levell's recent inky Anderson, here's a loose pencil sketch with some tighter lines inked over the top in photoshop. This is all I could get done tonight - teaching now on Thursday mornings so have to prepare my damn lesson (grrr).


Modesty Blaise

A sketch of the classic character for a new collaborative blog proposed by James Corcoran. A few of the other Fractal Friction chaps have already attempted her - and here are the pencils for my effort. I have to confess, I'm not overly familiar with the character beyond knowing who she is, so I may well have taken a few too many liberties in my interpretation, but hey, I think I've captured the sixties vibe.

Defoe sketch - coloured

Managed to grab an hour to throw some colour at this, just for fun.



A thank you sketch for Filip Roncone, who was kind enough to send me issues 1-3 of Gutsville. What a gent.


Sandpeople... or worse!

For sale if anyone's interested.


Quick ink sketch of Etain - the best thing about Neil Marshall's Centurion. Intend to throw a bit of colour at this tomorrow night.


Get well soon Carlos!

My contributions to the get well soon comic put together by the Legendary Mark Howard, and featuring contributions from many fans and pros alike.

One of my proudest moments - the guy designed both Dredd & Johnny Alpha. To think of 2000 AD's golden years is to think of Carlos Ezquerra - the two are inseparable. And of course he's still kicking ass now, ably assisted by Ezquerra Jr.

Also, this gave me the chance (thanks to the invite from Bolt-01) to collaborate with the man who created Judge Dredd - the one and only John Wagner himself. The above page was written by John with linework by Bolt-01. And that fact is going on my tombstone.

The last LOST (for now)

The last of the eight LOST commissions I did. I've been asked to produce an A2 scene by the same client, and have plumped for a line up of 10-12 of the main characters standing on the beach with the flaming chunks of plane wreckage behind them, but it'll be a while in the making.

Not crazy about the Jack - the likeness is a bit off, although I'm pleased with the colouring job. Much happier with Kate though.
And good old Sawyer, an infinitely better prospect for Kate than dull predictable Jack. But that's a matter of taste I guess.