Sandpeople... or worse!

For sale if anyone's interested.


Quick ink sketch of Etain - the best thing about Neil Marshall's Centurion. Intend to throw a bit of colour at this tomorrow night.


Get well soon Carlos!

My contributions to the get well soon comic put together by the Legendary Mark Howard, and featuring contributions from many fans and pros alike.

One of my proudest moments - the guy designed both Dredd & Johnny Alpha. To think of 2000 AD's golden years is to think of Carlos Ezquerra - the two are inseparable. And of course he's still kicking ass now, ably assisted by Ezquerra Jr.

Also, this gave me the chance (thanks to the invite from Bolt-01) to collaborate with the man who created Judge Dredd - the one and only John Wagner himself. The above page was written by John with linework by Bolt-01. And that fact is going on my tombstone.

The last LOST (for now)

The last of the eight LOST commissions I did. I've been asked to produce an A2 scene by the same client, and have plumped for a line up of 10-12 of the main characters standing on the beach with the flaming chunks of plane wreckage behind them, but it'll be a while in the making.

Not crazy about the Jack - the likeness is a bit off, although I'm pleased with the colouring job. Much happier with Kate though.
And good old Sawyer, an infinitely better prospect for Kate than dull predictable Jack. But that's a matter of taste I guess.


Art Swap - the finale

We couldn't leave our beloved scribe out of the Fractal Friction team art swap, so here's the distinctly Lovecraftian piece I produced for the Emperor. Careful readers may note the reappearance of 'The Acolyte', from the piece I did for Chris Askham.


Lost commissions

I was recently commissioned to produce 8 single illustrations of various characters from the epic TV show 'Lost'. I'm going to post two tonight, as the internet is being very stubborn and refusing to play ball. I'll post two more tomorrow.


Walking Tall

My good friend Kev Levell recently drew this monumental picture of Judge Dredd - it was so good in fact that I felt compelled to lend my colouring services to it.


Arthur & Merlin

It's my turn over at Fractal Friction again this friday. Here are a couple of small panels from page 37.