Ampney Crucis

Last one for now.

Harry Absalom

Another one for today (well, this was actually inked a few days ago). I had the idea to try my hand at some 2000AD characters I've never drawn before. One of the standout strips so far this year has been Caballistics spin-off 'Absalom'. Here's the man himself.

Jack Dancer

I drew something! Life continues to conspire against me at the moment - computer still dead, things packed up for the impending house move (then discover it's been delayed), but I managed to sketch this today. Took a lot longer than I wanted, and it's not great, but what are ya gonna do - I'm rusty! Got a couple more I'm working on too, just to help get back in the swing of things.


Durham Red returns...

...Well, to my blog at least. Drew this a couple of months back, and was going to make some more changes but then my laptop bust (I'm still without a computer, but working on it). So because it's been too long since I posted anything, I thought 'what the hell', and here it is. It was inspired by a Durham pin-up drawn by that erstwhile gentleman and scholar Kev Levell.