Third World, Fourth World - final page

This is the version that has gone up on the competition thread over at Millarworld. If I get time this weekend I'll have a bash at a simple colour scheme.

New Zarjaz preview - update

The inked and toned first panel for my upcoming strip for Zarjaz - still don't want to give away what it's all about yet, terrible tease that I am. Not quite finished yet, this panel - will add some highlights here and there.

Third World, Fourth World

I've collaborated with the luscious Matthew McLaughlin again on a 1 page 'Future Shock'style story for the latest competition over at Mark Millar's site. We're not really sure when the deadline is, and it may turn out to be too late for it, but if that's the case never mind. It was a fun page to do, and a chance to draw something comepletly different from the usual nonsense (which is something I always enjoy - no disrespect to the usual nonsense however). This image forms the second of five panels - I'll post the full page in a few days once the delectable Jim Campbell has stamped his letters all over it.


Fractal Friction page 18 inks

Here are the inks for my latest Fractal Friction page. Wasn't entirely happy with my colouring, and if I get the chance I may have another crack at it. The main spalsh panel was inked entirely digitally, which is a first for me. The other panels (bar #3) I inked with pens and dropped in in Photoshop. It was a helluva challenge fitting everything in, and I think some elements suffer from looking 'shrunk' (probably becasue they are), but it's all a learning curve, right?

Fiends of the Eastern Front - Red Army!

Finally cobbled my Ruskie zombie pics into a competition entry.



It's my turn over at Fractal Friction with page 17 due up on Friday (provided I can visualise the increasingly random and frightening contents of the Emperor's head). Here's a quick sketch of our humble protagonist.


New Zarjaz previews

Throwing up a couple of panels from my latest page, just to see if there's any feedback to be had.


Worm man!

First sketch of a beastie who will be turning up in my new strip for Zarjaz (him and his 99 friends).