Jack Shephard??

Quick pencil sketch, then wacom'ed over in photoshop - I've drunk quite a bit of Leffe, make of that what you will.

Then an inked version.  Not sure if I've retained a decent likeness anymore though.



I've been commissioned to draw a few characters from Lost, so I'm bunging up a couple of inked pieces. I've got 2 more to do, and I'll be colouring them too.


It's nearly Friday folks

And you know what that means - yep, time for another slice of Fractal Friction.

Artwork for this page was provided by that erstwhile gentleman James Corcoran who sadly now  is on an FF hiatus until November, but we'll be keeping his seat warm and look forward to his return.

I've coloured this page, and in record time (for me), so it might look like something of a departure, but anyway I'm quite pleased with the results.

Make sure you check in with the FF blog tomorrow to get your weekly fix.

James' blog, if you haven't see it already is here: http://james-corcoran.blogspot.com/

And Fractal Friction is here: http://fractalfriction.blogspot.com/

But you knew that already, right?


Warm up

Today's warm up sketch is one of General Grievous (it's pretty late in the day already I know, but I'm off work at the moment and my body clock has adjusted accordingly, so I'll probably be up drawing until about 3am).


Now where was I?

Back on track with my strp for Zarjaz, which I'm hoping to wrap up very soon (seeing as I've also got a 6 page strip to complete for Something Wicked too).


Aayla Secura

Do you fear death?

So I've been colouring Fractal Friction page 30 most of the day, as well as caring for an injured baby mouse that our cat brought in last night (needs feeding every 1-2 hours around the clock - is this what it's like to have kids?), with a string of popcorn movies on in the background. These have included Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, which I was surprised to discover are actually very entertaining (late to the party as ever), and currently Revenge of the Sith, which I concede is pretty good too, and certainly the best of the 3 modern films. I feel a Palpatine coming on, but for now here's a pencil sketch of the very Lovecraftian Davy Jones.
And a colour version (not quite finished):



Chinese vampire master

Warming up for my next Fractal Friction page, due a week today. I've thumbnailed it and have been sketching some of these guys, the Jiang Shi, who are currently kicking seven shades of shit out of our motley bunch of heroes. This one was based on a great photo of an old chinese man (supplied by Conor Boyle), must have been at least 112.


Be pure etc

Finally found some time to colour up some of my recent ink work. Here's Torquemada. Unfortunately I realised I didn't save a hi-res version of this before I sent it off to Pete McCosh, but never mind. That'll teach me, eh?

Going somewhere Solo?

Been feeling the urge to draw some old school Star Wars stuff lately, so had a bash at poor old Greedo.
And here's a version coloured by my mate Martin Cowey - this took me completely by surprise, and Martin was very humble about it but I reckon it's fantastic.


Pyramid Head - slight return.

Part of the Fractal Friction art swap, Conor Boyle requested a drawing of one of my favourite weirdo villains of all time - Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.

Starscape previews

I'm getting excited about the launch of Starscape now. I produced 8 illustrations for it back in February, but have decided to show a couple here before the first issue comes out (no spoilers). I think they're still going to appear in black & white, so here are the colour versions:

Check out the unbelievable cover art for issue one, by Alex Ronald: http://alexronald68.blogspot.com/2010/07/starscape-comic.html


A quick Batman

Actually, the first time I've ever drawn him (apart from one or two scribbles, but they don't count). Planning - as ever - to colour this, adding details such as windows on the tower blocks in the process).