Necronauts - final version

Happier with this - simpler, murkier and hopefully creepier.

Godless Depths

And the finished piece with text

Necronauts 2!

Completed this tonight and used it as the basis for a last-minute, impromptu entry in the latest 2000AD art comp.



God knows where this came from. I started with the image of a giant eyeball forcing its way out of a man's mouth - the rest just snowballed from there.


And another


'Nother horror sketch.

The Visit

More creepy stuff.


Warming up for a 7 pager I'm doing for 'Back From the Depths', a tribute to the short-lived but classic Scream! comic. Spent last night sketching and inking a series of horror-themed images, as they came to me, literally just poured it out onto the page without thinking. A psychiatrist would probably have a field day analysing these! Anyway, here's the first. I'll try and upload another 3 or 4 later.


Judge Waugh!

Second entry for the latest 2000AD comp. Recently re-read 'Swimming in Blood' and, for the first time, 'Red Tide', and simply had to draw the man! This is based on a 'what if' premise of Devlin becoming a Mega City Judge - or maybe he's taking part in some sort of exchange programme, hey now there's an idea - how about Dredd in the trappings of a Vatican exorcist! Hmmm.


A sort of tribute to Frank Quitely

Entry for the latest 2000AD art comp. I bloomin' love these comps! They're great for getting me thinking, and for inspiring me to actually bring some ideas to completion, rather than rest half-done in my sketchbook.

This was a bit of an experiment - I sketched these two figures in pencil on A3, then inked with a VERY fat pen just for the hell of it. Then, on a whim, I photographed them with my digital camera at a slight angle (with the pad tilted), as if we're looking up at them. This exaggerated the already OTT perspective thing I had going on with the massive feet!

I then added a filter in photoshop to the photograph to smooth it out, faded it, printed it, then inked that with a very fine pen, adding all the detail. Finally coloured in photoshop.

Thigns I like about it: the colours on Dredd, Dredd's shoulder pads and left hand, Mean's grin, the overly large boots. It's not perfect by a long shot of course, but it was a lot of fun.


Tonight's very quick sketches - quite obviously enhanced by a judicious application of a photoshop filter, but don't it look pretty?


Quick colour Dredd

Still exploring the possibilities of Dredd's look. Been re-reading a stack of old 'Complete Judge Dredd' monthlies lately, and towards the end of its run (before it was re-branded 'Classic Judeg Dredd' with that awful 90s font), several covers were provided by the legendary Frank Quitely. He drew a seriously stylish Dredd, and this is an attempt to recreate that look. As ever, this looked tons more vibrant on my mac (I do all my artwork on that, then transfer to my pc laptop to bung on the web), but hey ho.

This is not how I'd draw Dredd naturally, but I found it surprisingly satisfying, and may try to incorporate elements of Quitely's design into my own. Oh, and the colour was seriously rushed - trying to work faster and just want to bung things up now!


Dredd vs Death

Working on a new pin-up of Dredd with his old nemesis Mr De'ath looming behind. Thought I'd upload it stage by stage, so here we have the inked figures with basic colours applied to Dredd. Plan to add a background - maybe a Mega City One skyline or something, and lots of dirty textures! I may enter the finished piece in to the current art comp on 2000AD if it's finished in time.


Stuff for Dogbreath

A selection of panels from upcoming strips I'm working on for Dogbreath fanzine, plus a rough sketch of a briefly appearing supporting character answering to the name of 'Plissken'. Feedback most appreciated.



Not really a new piece this, it's the Slaine figure from the Mike McMahon tribute I did, but pasted onto a new background and with some added textures. Not happy with the musculature but hey, I've not posted a picture for ages and just felt the need to stick something up!