Judge Waugh!

Second entry for the latest 2000AD comp. Recently re-read 'Swimming in Blood' and, for the first time, 'Red Tide', and simply had to draw the man! This is based on a 'what if' premise of Devlin becoming a Mega City Judge - or maybe he's taking part in some sort of exchange programme, hey now there's an idea - how about Dredd in the trappings of a Vatican exorcist! Hmmm.


  1. Nice pose and a great idea, if you don't mind an observation Devlin's face looks like its done in a different style from the body which kind of makes it jar a little. That says i like the face it has a nice simple line.

  2. Fair point James, I decided to leave the face simple but I think you may be right about it jarring a little! This pic was really an excuse to work on my musculature. Thanks for your comment mate!