Extermination Theory - colour preview

I'm not sure whether these are going to be reproduced in colour or black & white, but as cost is always an issue (unfortunately), I'm thinking the latter. So here's a cropped detail from a full colour version of a scene from Matthew McLaughlin's 'Extermination Theory'. Wanted to create a grimy, rusty interior with a Resident-Evil-meets-The-Thing vibe.


This character will feature in a finished illo for Matthew McLaughlin's 'Extermination Theory', featured in issue 1 of Starscape.


More Starscape WIP

Thought I'd throw this up and see what people thought/what suggestions people have. I intend to darken it up a lot more, and enhance the smoke effect.




Finished the first batch of illos for Starscape, but obviously can't post them here yet, so here's another random work in progress. The beastie is the creepy offspring of those nasty arachnid vampire sketches I did a while back, with the addition of a 'bonestraw' instead of fangs - thanks to Emperor for that nifty little idea. Want to work this up into a nice finished piece.


Zombie Bub

Decided to broaden the subject matter on here, so made a list yesterday of non-2000AD stuff I should draw. They're mostly movie characters, as well as some stuff that just popped into my head. So here's the first - good old Beethoven appreciating Bub from Day of The Dead.


Another shouting Dredd

Another quickie. Different approach to both the look of the helmet & the colouring.



Thought I'd have a bash at colouring these, especially as the strip only ever appears in monochrome. Ended up with a sort of Rupert the Bear vibe, which seems strangley appropriate.

And Gay John:


Your accent's slipping, dear boy

Finished up a couple of Starscape illos today, so took a break to sketch some quick portraits - Stickleback himself and his (late?) companion Gay John. Each 10 minutes approx.


More Starscape WIP

More works in progress. A quick pencil sketch concept for Matthew McLaughlin's 'Extermination Theory', and flames are added to the FBI HQ. Quite pleased with the smoke and sky effect, although the buildings need a lot more work yet.


End of Days

Another part of a Starscape illo. Colours and backdrop to be added.

Robo Kitchener Wants You!

Another unfinished idea - just posting this because apparently my blog has been having problems (new posts not showing up on people's Reading Lists/News feed), and I want to check it.