Fractal Friction page one art

Finished art (with letters by the delectable Jim Campbell) for page one of FF. This is a new collaboration I'm really glad to be part of, and also features the talents of Emperor (on script duties), Kev Levell, James Corcoran, Conor Boyle & Chris Askham (sharing the scribbles). Read the full, ongoing strip at thie address: http://fractalfriction.blogspot.com (tried making this a link but blogger ain't having it).

Pages 2 & 3 are up now, with 4 & 5 imminent - then it's back to me for the start of another round before we open it up to a few very interesting guest artists from page 11 onwards.

Check out the ongoing strip at http://fractalfriction.blogspot.com/

Fractal Friction sketches

A couple of preliminary character designs for new collaboration 'Fractal Friction'.


Christmas Dredd

My effort for the wonderful Advent Calendar thread over at the 2000AD forum. The perenially popular theme of Dredd busting Santa - never gets old (I hope!).