Vampire sketches

Amidst other projects (upcoming strips for Back From The Depths, Dogbreath & Zarjaz), I'm working on a strip I'd like to submit to another Future Quake Press publication, 'Something Wicked'. It's an annual horror anthology, and the most recent issue has just come out, so this won't see the light of day for some time - but that's fine, I've got enough on just now!

I'm adapting a short story I wrote last year, and it's a gothic Victorian setting. Don't want to give too much away at this stage, except for the fact that it will feature a (hopefully) disguting vampire-type creature!

These sketches were done last night, and I was trying to explore ways of redesigning a vampire, coming up with a new look for a classic monster. I want to make it genuinely scary, even though in the finished strip it'll probably only be half-glimpsed. Started off with pretty traditional vamps, then got to thinking 'what else has fangs in nature, and is utterly repulsive?' Well, spiders of course! Don't want to veer to far off course, but there may be some mileage in this...


Bucket of Blood

A couple of sneak previews from my contribution to 'Back From The Depths' - out in time for Hallowe'en!



Detail, coloured, of a last minute illustration I provided to accompany a text story in the forthcoming issue of Dogbreath. The full illustration features also Harvey, and will, of course, be printed in black & white.



A motley crew and no mistake.

A few pirates from my upcoming strip for horror comic 'Back From The Depths'.