First draft of a character for a survival horror project I'm illustrating called 'Six'. Some changes to be made yet.

Second draft. Getting there now.
Third draft - added colour.


A cockney werewolf in Bavaria

This is a quick mock-up of the kind of thing I want to do with this beastie. But enough faffing about with lycanthropes - I've got deadlines looming!

Flip 'em the bird JC

Another commission. Really enjoyed this one!

A quick lycanthrope

Because it came to light yesterday that I've never drawn one before. Think I'll ink this sucker up and add lots of blood and drool.


And a wee bit more

Now for the inks...

New commission stuff

Been commissioned for a few bits and pieces lately, which is nice as it means I can now buy a few Christmas presents.

First up, a Star Wars piece (which is A3, hence the photo - too big for my scanner)

Next a couple of portraits of folk dressed as judges - these aren't finished yet (as you can see).


Defoe harasses Zombo

For the art comp over on the 2000AD forum.

Still alive

Well November was my quietest month yet, blog-wise. I have been busy, just on stuff I can't/shouldn't show yet. So here's some stuff anyway, starting with and inked version of my Modesty Blaise sketch.