Nest - ink sketch

My take on Nest, celtic sorceress from Slaine. The colour version isn't quite finished yet.


Kiss his axe

I was recently challenged by the ever affable Kev Levell to have a bash at drawing Slaine, and this was the first result (a quick sketch to determine how my Slaine was going to look). After sharing the B&W sketch on various sites - and being well chuffed with the positive reaction it has gotten - I've decided to have a go at a proper pin-up, with the eventual aim of firing it at Tharg himself. Worth a try I reckon - he can only say bugger off can't he? Stay tuned for updates.

PS - yes, I have been watching Game of Thrones, and yes, those are Khal Drogo's tatoos. Couldn't resist!


You found him in a junk pile?

Sketching Star Wars stuff makes me feel like a contented eight year old again. Colour version is unfinished.


Zombie Girl

Profile pic for a new facebook page that Matthew 'Locust of Death' McLaughlin is launching, where people can 'document' their experiences of a zombie apocalypse. I'll post a link when it's up and running.


Victorian folk

Just to keep the drawing mechanisms well oiled, here are some quick pencil portrait of various (not all strictly) Victorian people. 10 mins each approx, and each one is about 10-14cm (in my continuing effort to draw smaller). First to name them all wins an eccles cake.