Durham Red - Long Time Coming (now with words!)

This was originally published in Dogbreath 21, but I submitted it without and captions or dialogue. I was quite pleased with the result, confident that it told a clear narrative without words.

This week I had an idea - why not put it up on the 2000AD forum and see if any of the aspiring script doirds fancied having a stab at adding words to it, just for the fun/practice? Thought it might be interesting for whoever took up the challenge to have to work backwards. Lo and behold Matthew McLaughlin answered the call, and bashed this out in a few days. A mighty fine effort too. Matthew has various projects in the pipeline for the small press - keep an eye out.

So here we are - Durham Red in 'Long Time Coming', the extended director's cut!


Cthulhu blowing off

Produced this a few weeks back as a last minute illo to accompany a piece by the Emperor on climate change that was published in 'The End is Nigh' issue 4. Basically, the idea is that the waste methane produced by a still slumbering Cthulhu would cause just as much damage to the world as if he awoke and started getting medieval on Tokyo, New York et al. The kind of brief I dream of really.


Mock up cover idea

This is NOT official! It's just an idea Working on a coloured version too - but couldn't resist this ultraviolent sin-city-esque version.

PS borrowed the official logo - hope you don't mind Kev, Dave & Rich!


Drop the mince pie, creep!

The lovely folk over on the 2000Ad forum have had another great idea - a twoth advent calendar. Boarders nominate themselves for a day over the festive period and contribute something on that day (a picture, poem, link etc). This is the first draft of my idea, (photographed with my digital camera). It's not entirely original, but there's something irresistable about the thought of Dredd busting Santa for B&E. I'll work this up properly for my contribution which is 12th December.


Back From The Depths - #1 Hallowscream! Out Now

The first issue of the Scream tribute comic, put together by the good folks at Back From The Depths, is now available to download as a free pdf. Over 70 pages of blood-curdling tales of terror - including 'The Bucket of Blood' written by Andrew Milne & Carol Kewley.

Here's page one - read the full story, plus many more, at