Durham Red - Long Time Coming (now with words!)

This was originally published in Dogbreath 21, but I submitted it without and captions or dialogue. I was quite pleased with the result, confident that it told a clear narrative without words.

This week I had an idea - why not put it up on the 2000AD forum and see if any of the aspiring script doirds fancied having a stab at adding words to it, just for the fun/practice? Thought it might be interesting for whoever took up the challenge to have to work backwards. Lo and behold Matthew McLaughlin answered the call, and bashed this out in a few days. A mighty fine effort too. Matthew has various projects in the pipeline for the small press - keep an eye out.

So here we are - Durham Red in 'Long Time Coming', the extended director's cut!


  1. Fine verbiage which doesn't detract from the story, but I stick with my conviction that it is a damn fine piece of purely visual storytelling (which is a tricky thing to pull off) and doesn't need words.

    Getting some words on it was a good experiment though and it seems to have worked out nicely.

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  3. That's what I thought - purely an experiment, good practice for all involved (I got to do some lettering again, which I quite enjoy).

    That said, I'm rather impressed by Matt's narrative.

    Cheers for the kind words mate.

  4. Yes indeed - it is a tricky endeavour, when you've not originally been in charge of the plotting and pacing, but it worked out well.

    I should also say the lettering is good too. Having the captions on a slant at the bottom of the first page was a nice touch.

    Top marks all round :)