This just in...

I'm off for Easter for three weeks now, and in this time I'm hoping to complete a new strip for Zarjaz. I don't want to say too much just yet, apart from I'm hoping to make this one my best yet. It's a sequel of sorts to a classic but short-lived 2000AD strip, with a dazzling script from the Emperor. Here's the pencils for the first panel. Right, better go and draw the other 30-odd panels!

Another Russian Zombie


Dawn of the Reds

Preliminary sketches for another competition entry idea. Don't want to give too much away about this one yet...

...and the dead left in his wake

First effort for the latest 2000AD art comp. It's VERY early days for this strip (one episode so far), but it's already looking bloomin' great. A supernatural western drawn by Dom Reardon - what's not to like?

This isn't finished yet - I plan to add a figure visible through the hole, brandishing a smoking Colt (the whole scene is something of a steal from 'The Quick & The Dead'). I'll also colour it.

PS - this is also the first drawing I've fully inked with my new Pentel brush pen.


She's a femme fay-tale

Wasn't happy with the first version of this, so I decided to re-draw the femme fatale-type. In an attempt ro try to get away from the scratchy line work I've been producing lately, I've gone with an almost abstract simple black & white image, then worked a minimal amount of colour in. The result is part noir, part Toulouse-Lautrec, part fashion illustration! I didn't see that coming, but had a lot of fun nonetheless.


The Spider man comes

On the Emperor's reecommendation, turned that demon pic into an entry for the current competition over at Warren Ellis' Whitechapel site. The brief was too re-imagine the cover of 'Amazing Adult Fantasy' #15, knowing only that you have to depict a character called 'Spiderman'. Thought this would make for a suitably macabre take on the subject.

PS - big thanks to Dave Evans (Bolt-01) for the ace logos.


New Dreddhead

From a doodle in my diary. I'll probably add colour and highlights. First proper Dredd of 2010!


Something different

Had an idea for a WW2 pic today (inspired by Huzzah! Noir and Jacek Zabawa's wonderful stuff) - here are the rough pencils for the central figure.

Check out Jacek's blog here: http://jacekzabawaart.blogspot.com

And if you haven't already, Huzzah Noir: http://huzzahnoir.blogspot.com

I'd love to make these appear as links, but blogger ain't letting me for some reason, but copy and paste them to find wonderful delights.


A while ago I answered the call for contributors for the next issue of Paragon and agreed to do a one-off illo/pin-up. The brief was simple - 'Demons!' So I've been giving it a good long think and trying to come up with stuff that I hope is genuinely scary. This was the first attempt - I've since produced a full colour scene involving this disgusting chap, but in the end I wasn't satisfied so I've drafted attempt #2 this morning. #2 is closer to what I wanted to achieve, but I thought this figure was worth posting too.

Check out Paragon here: