A while ago I answered the call for contributors for the next issue of Paragon and agreed to do a one-off illo/pin-up. The brief was simple - 'Demons!' So I've been giving it a good long think and trying to come up with stuff that I hope is genuinely scary. This was the first attempt - I've since produced a full colour scene involving this disgusting chap, but in the end I wasn't satisfied so I've drafted attempt #2 this morning. #2 is closer to what I wanted to achieve, but I thought this figure was worth posting too.

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  1. Having seen the full version of the above I can guarantee it is a damn fine (and disturbing) piece of horror art. Having also seen the B&W version of #2 I do think he might well have exceeded the quality and horror again!!

  2. Jesu, that's disturbing!
    I'm going to have to get a script written around that creature!

  3. Very cool Matt. His fairly relaxed pose is at odds with his frightening head. Gruesome!

    I'd love to see this guy eat a bowl of noodles.

  4. I love creatures like this so it's right up my street. Great pose too.

  5. Pretty freaky stuff. Looks like the kind of beastie that would step out of Clive Barker's Books of Blood. Disturbing pose and head. Just darn creepy...

  6. Glad it's having the desired effect!