Napoleon study

Quick exercise in digital painting/toning on top of inks, not using the wacom (just the touchpad on my laptop).

After Hippolyte Delaroche.

Johnny Rico

Hot off the press! Getting a little bit bored of heavy inks so decided to do something different - and here's the result. Pencil and (digital) tones study of Casper van Dien as Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers.

Another satisfied customer

Last ones before bed

The most eclectic foursome yet: Sitting Bull, Chan Marshall, Napoleon Bonaparte & Erwin Rommel.

More late night portraits

 This time we've got Aleister Crowley, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Georges Prosper Remi (AKA Herge) and James George Frazer


Hellboy commission

A very friendly chap contacted me through my Deviant art page today and requested a commission - his idea was himself  and Hellboy bursting through a door brandishing guns in a typical action pose. I then suggested the above - as if he was posing for a fanboy photo with Hellboy at a convention. He was up for that, so here it is!


Another one I've managed to finish up this week (God bless half term). A companion piece to Corporal Starkweather, this will feature in Ryan Henry's zombie horror novella 'TWO'.

PARAGON #10 Cover Art

I proudly present the cover art for the upcoming issue 10 of excellent British small press title Paragon. The actual cover is slightly different - editor Davey Candlish requested a deep red background as opposed to the grey-blue one I've used here. I quite like this one personally, so thought I'd show it here - and when the comic comes out you can see the red version.

The brief was simple - a montage depicting the 4 main characters featured inside the issue: Icarus Dangerous, Mekko-Sapiens, Spencer Nero and Jikan. Had the most fun with Jikan, and just had to give him the spotlight! I also begged Dave to let me include Battle Ganesh - who doesn't feature in this particular issue - simply because I love the character.



10 minute portraits - unknown subjects

These are the first six 10 minute portraits I did, back in November. No idea who any of these people are, so in the end I decided not to use them for that blog (although I still think they're not bad drawings). If you recognise anyone please leave a comment!


John Wilkes Booth

I'm drawing assassins this week over on my 10 minute portrait blog, and decided to ink a couple too. I posted Mark David Chapman a couple of days ago - now here's that other ubiquitous triple-monikered gunman John Wilkes Booth.


Richard Farnsworth

The remarkable Richard Farnsworth, who, shortly after filming David Lynch's 'The Straight Story', bravely committed suicide rather than let terminal cancer run its course.

I pencilled this for my 10 minute portrait blog, and will be posting it in a day or two, but inked this tonight and wanted to post this version ahead of it. Feel like I'm really close to achieving a sort of 'zen' state with these, some of the best drawings I think I've ever done.