Quick colour Dredd

Still exploring the possibilities of Dredd's look. Been re-reading a stack of old 'Complete Judge Dredd' monthlies lately, and towards the end of its run (before it was re-branded 'Classic Judeg Dredd' with that awful 90s font), several covers were provided by the legendary Frank Quitely. He drew a seriously stylish Dredd, and this is an attempt to recreate that look. As ever, this looked tons more vibrant on my mac (I do all my artwork on that, then transfer to my pc laptop to bung on the web), but hey ho.

This is not how I'd draw Dredd naturally, but I found it surprisingly satisfying, and may try to incorporate elements of Quitely's design into my own. Oh, and the colour was seriously rushed - trying to work faster and just want to bung things up now!

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