It's nearly Friday folks

And you know what that means - yep, time for another slice of Fractal Friction.

Artwork for this page was provided by that erstwhile gentleman James Corcoran who sadly now  is on an FF hiatus until November, but we'll be keeping his seat warm and look forward to his return.

I've coloured this page, and in record time (for me), so it might look like something of a departure, but anyway I'm quite pleased with the results.

Make sure you check in with the FF blog tomorrow to get your weekly fix.

James' blog, if you haven't see it already is here: http://james-corcoran.blogspot.com/

And Fractal Friction is here: http://fractalfriction.blogspot.com/

But you knew that already, right?


  1. Thanks for doing this, look forward to seeing the finished page.

  2. Pleasure James, the first time I've coloured anything of yours. Haven't forgotten about Poe BTW, I've got a backlog of things I want to colour and he's in the queue!