Get well soon Carlos!

My contributions to the get well soon comic put together by the Legendary Mark Howard, and featuring contributions from many fans and pros alike.

One of my proudest moments - the guy designed both Dredd & Johnny Alpha. To think of 2000 AD's golden years is to think of Carlos Ezquerra - the two are inseparable. And of course he's still kicking ass now, ably assisted by Ezquerra Jr.

Also, this gave me the chance (thanks to the invite from Bolt-01) to collaborate with the man who created Judge Dredd - the one and only John Wagner himself. The above page was written by John with linework by Bolt-01. And that fact is going on my tombstone.


  1. Excellent stuff, guys! (lucky bleeders....)

  2. Does it get better than that??

    Lovely art from Bolt too - that panel largely taken up with Johnny's head is absolutely brilliant. I think your colouring worked beautifully for that and you all should be proud of the piece, before you even get onto the fact that it was all to cheer Carlos Ezquerra up.

  3. I'm still not convinced that this collaboration actually happened. Did I dream it all?

  4. It's great, well deserved too. You, Wagner and Bolt-01 make splendid team!