El Bigote - anatomy of a cover

Stage 1. El Chivo provides the pencils, having done the leg-work in terms of the overall idea and composition (this is a wraparound cover btw)

Stage 2. Inked with my Pentel brush pen

Stage 3. Greytones are added digitally to give more depth

Stage 4. Blocks of colour are added in Photoshop (the part of the process that's known as flatting)

 Stage 5. Final colours - highlights, shadows and textures are the last things to be added

Then it's off to Bolt-01 and Owen Watts for the logos to be added, before the comic heads off to the printers very soon. I've already seen some of El Chivo's roughs for upcoming El Bigote adventures and I'm really looking forward to inking those too.


  1. Cheers Gary, yeah it's a lot of fun. An undead Mexican badass who fights his enemies by launching quills from his oversized moustache! After this initial preview comic I've signed on to ink the rest of the series, with El Chivo remaining on pencils. He's got a fantastic imagination (as has the writer Matt McLaughlin).

  2. I am working on the third adventure Matthew is happy with what I have produced so far, but at the moment all under wraps. But hey I have a big bench mark.. And yes it is the most fun i have had drawing.

  3. Nice one Chris, look forward to seeing that. Matt's come up with some really memorable characters hasn't he?