Death to all deviants!

Over on the 2000 AD forum, the very generous Pete McCosh recently announced a comic giveaway extravaganza, asking only for postage costs. I was pretty lucky in that I saw the thread right away and got in early, bagging Impaler #1 (with gorgeous art from Matt Timson), and various issues of Victorian Undead, Rawbones, and Hellblazer. He even threw in an extra (Robocop). See, these are the kind of people who frequent the friendliest message board on the interweb.

Anyway, as a thank you I offered to send him a sketch and asked him to choose a 2000 AD character - and he went for good ol' genocidal tyrant Torquemada. I looked at how different artists have depicted him, and went for a rather stylised, Kev O'Neill-inspired grotesque version.


  1. Ooooo that is suitably nasty.

    Be sure to let us know what you thought of Victorian Undead and Rawbone - the latter didn't get a very good reception on the 2000AD forums and the latter looks intriguing (but I've been reading a lot of early Delano Hellblazers so am a bit burned out on him at the moment).

  2. Thanks Dan, I aim to unplease. First impression of Victorian Dead - it's perhaps a bit by the numbers, feels sort of like Edginton is on autopilot, but that said I enjoyed it as a knockabout period zombie romp. Just got the first two issues, so I may pick up some more. Rawbone I've only skimmed so far; the story looks interesting but I'm not totally won over by the artwork. Impaler on the other hand, is maybe the opposite. Can't really comment as I only have the first Timson issue, but it seems like the reason it's special (and it is bloody special) is because of the artwork, with a passable but not exceptional script.

  3. Oh yeah - I'm going to be picking up the Impaler trade, no doubt about that!!