Kiss his axe

I was recently challenged by the ever affable Kev Levell to have a bash at drawing Slaine, and this was the first result (a quick sketch to determine how my Slaine was going to look). After sharing the B&W sketch on various sites - and being well chuffed with the positive reaction it has gotten - I've decided to have a go at a proper pin-up, with the eventual aim of firing it at Tharg himself. Worth a try I reckon - he can only say bugger off can't he? Stay tuned for updates.

PS - yes, I have been watching Game of Thrones, and yes, those are Khal Drogo's tatoos. Couldn't resist!


  1. Nice lovely colours as always and very clearly your take on the character.

  2. It is a classic Slaine - you could imagine this style picking up where McMahon left off. Pity they have gone fully-painted with Slaine and they aren't going back (I suppose it goes down better in the European market). Still a great image of Slaine - he definitely looks like he punches people in the face most days of the week (and would be unhappy if he wasn't ; ) .

  3. Thanks dudes. Yep, McMahon drew the definitive Slaine for me - that's not to knock Fabry or Bisley, but 'Shoggey Beast', 'Sky Chariots' et al feature some of my favourite comic art ever. I always thought that, after McMahon, Slaine got too handsome, hence my broken-nosed bruiser!