Shoggey Beast

A few years ago when I decided to rekindle my love affair with all things 2000 AD, my first move was to buy Warrior's Dawn, the first Slaine collection, and leafing through the glorious artwork by Massimo Belardinelli, Angie Kincaid and - most of all - Mike McMahon, well, the nostalgia was immense.

McMahon is undoubtedly my favourite comic artist of all time, and his stint on early Slaine (around the same time he was drawing 'Monkey Business at Charles Darwin Block' & 'Block Mania') etched itself onto my fragile young mind like nothing else (with the possible exception of Cam Kennedy on Rogue Trooper).

Anyway, within this faultless and highly recommended volume is a story entitled 'The Shoggey Beast', and here's my depiction of said beast (based quite closely on McMahon's I must admit).


  1. Very nice I like how you have framed the features, the pencils have a nice texture to them as well.

  2. Thanks James, I enjoyed this very much. Planning to ink a couple of versions (been ages since I inked anything!), might try using a brush for a change.