More SIX characters

From the top: Father Carter, Graves, Kowalski, Lucy, Maggie, Zak. Quite happy with how these have turned out.


  1. Loving those - everyone looks like a different person.

    So when are you going to spill the details on what this project is all about?

  2. Cheers man. A guy contacted me through my website before Christmas asking if I'd be up for designing the characters for this - it's a survival horror story which focuses on six survivors of a zombie apocalypse, entitled - appropriately enough - 'Six'. I believe he's going to make it available as a pdf eventually. The pitch sounded vvery interesting anyway...

  3. Sounds suitably intriguing and right up your alley. I'd imagine he'd be chuffed with what you've done there.

    Keep us in the loop on this.

  4. Will do, and thanks again man.